Densified Fibres

Our condux machine converts thermoplastic fibres and films into dense pellets. The polymers are melted using a friction melt process. After the densification process, the plastics are cut into one of many sizes depending on customer specification.

Densified Polymers

Our extruders convert tangled polymers into uniform pellets. Many materials are eligible for the densification process including but not limited to tangled fibre, fibre on bobbins, and ground polymer. All plastics are meticulously filtered to ensure the final product meets our customers needs.

Precision Cut Staple Fibres

Our cutting machine is capable of performing precision cuts from as small as 38mm, up to several inches depending on the desired length. We take orders of any size for precision cutting.

Granulated Plastic

The granulator grinds unfilled polymer purgings into minuscule pieces as small as 9mm in preparation for further refinement.

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